Alternative Uses for Solar Power

Residential Solar Power Systems xsunx orange county

Residential solar power systems have become the most impressive applications for solar power. From water heaters to laptops, cars and even furniture, solar power are used for a several uses in our daily life. Read on further to know some alternative uses of solar power.

Solar Lights: Most homeowners are familiar with solar lights, particularly small garden lights on stakes. Portable solar lights can be used to illuminate backyards, or you can even take them camping or use them on emergencies. Solar bricks can be used to illuminate pathways at night. Solar indoor lights can also be used, soaking up sunlight during the day and storing the energy in small batteries to power lights at night. This concept can also be extended to solar powered street lights.

Solar Water Heaters: One of the most common ways homeowners use solar power other than electricity, solar water heaters do just what it sounds like: they heat up water using the power of the sun. Smaller than a full solar power system, a solar water heater is often more affordable and offers a quick return on investment.

Solar Powered Cars, Boats, and Planes: Although it sounds like science fiction, but vehicles that are powered by the sun already exist. Solar cars, boats, and planes can be designed to run solely on solar power and can even take long range trips.

Portable Solar Chargers: You can charge your laptop, phone, camera, and other mobile devices. Either stand alone panels or those attached to bags can be used conveniently to keep items running even when you’re on the go.

Solar Powered Ventilation: Solar powered fans can circulate air throughout a home, cutting down on heating and cooling bills. Fans using solar power can include ceiling fans, bath fans, even fans in your kitchen.

Solar Screens: Similar to blackout shades, solar screens allow homeowners to keep rooms cool or warm depending on whether the screen is up or down. Lowered shades can keep the sun out and make a room cooler, while open shades invite the sun to make a room warm.

Solar Signs: You will see a sign with a little solar panel on top on some roads. School zone signs, billboards, and more can all be powered using simple solar panels.

Solar Powered Tents: Camping takes on an entirely new level with plenty of available power. Solar cells on a tent generate power during the day and can be used for lighting and equipment at night.

Solar Flashlights: Light up the night with a solar flashlight. These flashlights soak up and store solar power, then deliver hours of light on a single charge. Some even come with emergency cell phone chargers, making it easy to make it through a blackout even without batteries.

Solar Ovens: During the summer, people love to joke about frying an egg on the sidewalk. But with a solar oven, you really can cook using just the power of the sun. Using a solar oven, you can direct sunlight to raise the temperature of a box in order to make it high enough to cook food. This is a great resource for outdoor cooking.

Solar Powered Electronics: Consumer electronics from mobile phones to laptops have been developed with solar options. And most have seen solar powered calculators in use for decades. These electronics are designed to operate solely using solar power or simply go several hours without an electronic charge by filling the gap in power with solar power.

Solar Furniture: Another solar powered idea for the outdoors, solar patio furniture can generate and store energy from the sun. They soak up sunlight during the day, and then flow in the dark. Some models even come with adapters for mobile devices.



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