Home Solar Panel Systems


Deciding to purchase a home solar panel system is a big decision and investment. Ensuring that the entire PV system is the correct unit for the property is a necessity. With the variety of choices available today, the would-be purchaser has a lot of things to ponder before taking the plunge. Obtaining a no obligation quote is going to give a general price for an entire unit designed for the household. But receiving one quote for $8,000 and another quote for $18,000 leaves a lot of room for questioning the validity of different solar power systems, and the reasoning behind the vastly different prices.

Before planning an entire PV system suitable for a property, be sure and check that it is even possible to have such a unit on the property. Homeowners Associations, city guidelines, and other factors can contribute to a homeowner hearing that it is a no go on installing any type of unit on the property. Check the guidelines, contact the appropriate offices, and review the statutes concerning a home solar panel system before getting started. There is nothing quite as frustrating as doing hours of research and preparation just to discover that it is not possible to complete installation due to one’s location.

Another consideration concerns the amount of watts a property needs to successfully power the entire household. The calculation is the amount of daily watts utilized by the household divided by the amount of ideal sunlight generated according to the property location and season. Once the watts required is revealed, the purchaser can decide whether to purchase full coverage or partial coverage to get the project started. Sometimes, a property owner may only purchase a 50-watt home solar panel at a time lowering the initial investment.

The type of system installed will be up to the purchaser, too. There are a variety of types and styles of units allowing a completely customized experience. Not all systems are created the same. A high quality unit will last over 30-years with minimal maintenance, while a low quality unit will last about 10-years needing excessive maintenance. Sure the price may be lower on those low quality units, but at today’s prices there is no reason to settle for second best.

Many property owners consider the cost of installation for home solar kits. Unfortunately, many people think that this is a good time to get in to do-it-yourself projects. Without proper experience, the entire project from start to finish can take significantly longer, void warranties, and cause undue frustration. Hiring a professional installer is the only way to guarantee an ideal home solar panel system installation. A professional ensures the project is cost effective, accurate, and gets completed in a matter of days not weeks or months.

There are numerous considerations that come in to play with an installation of a home solar panel system. Many things can affect the installation whether it is a HOA policy, large mature trees, or size of the roof. Contacting a professional installer or dealer is the first step in taking the hassle out of ensuring proper installation of an ideal unit. In addition, hiring a pro makes sure the install takes a few days rather than a few months.

Article is posted by XsunX– Commercial & Residential Solar Solution Experts.



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