What Would Be Required For Solar Power To Become A Mainstream Energy Source?

What Would Be Required For Solar Power To Become A Mainstream Energy Source

How could solar power surpass fossil fuels in terms of electric grid percentage? Solar power has one important limitation – It can’t produce electric power on demand, like other energy sources such as hydroelectric power or fossil fuels. Instead, solar power produces its energy when sunlight is available. This is no problem for large utility-scale projects, since they export all of their output to the electric grid. From the point of view of the homeowner, on the other hand, solar power production rarely matches demand – the productive hours of a solar PV system are normally when complete families are away due to work and academic activities. Of course, small PV systems can also export electric power to the grid and purchase energy during peak hours, but the energy they actually use doesn’t come from solar power – the production of their system was likely consumed by commercial or industrial buildings during the day. In order for solar power to become a mainstream energy source, the right incentives must be in place and some emerging technologies must be adopted and developed further.

Emerging Technology: The benefits of technology can be artificially improved by electric utilities, local governments and the federal government. There are many types of incentives available for solar power such as rebates, tax credits and tax exemptions. For large scale producers of electric power, there are carbon taxes to penalize fossil fuels and carbon credits to incentive green power providers. It is important, however, for these incentives to be available continuously, regardless of government changes.

In order to use solar power at the utility scale when sunlight isn’t available, an autonomous energy storage solution is required. Traditional battery banks can accomplish the task for individual homes or stand-alone PV systems, but they are expensive and potentially dangerous. Besides, when managing thousands of homes with solar PV systems equipped with storage technology, automation and networking capabilities are required. In other words, the system must be a smart grid. The Clean Power Plan as announced by President Obama is an important step in this direction. It’s main goal is reducing emissions by 32% of 2005 levels, by the year 2030. Nation-wide standards will be published and the states that take action sooner will be rewarded.

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