The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems


Currently, it is not only the individuals who are increasingly likely to embrace solar energy but more and more commercial enterprises are making the leap to power their buildings with electricity created by the free and evergreen energy received from the sun. Not only does making this switch save a lot of money, but such companies also hope that they will be viewed more favorably if they are seen to be displaying a commitment to more environmentally-friendly energy sources. Now the question that arises is, what’s the difference between residential and commercial solar power systems?

The most obvious answer is the scope of these solar power systems. While a home has only a small number of people using electricity, the amount of people at a commercial premises can easily number into the hundreds. Residential solar panels are usually smaller, and generate less power than the commercial ones. This is because the roof space of residential buildings is less than the roof space of commercial buildings, so while a residential solar energy panel typically has 72 cells, a commercial solar panel will be about twelve inches wider, and have 96 cells.

Solar energy is a black and white issue: Commercial solar panels are also like the Model T Ford – you can have any color you like, as long as it’s white. While most residential homes who go for solar are happy to accept white panels, if you do not want your panels to be so apparent, go for the black ones instead.

As commercial panels are likely to generate more power, they are usually more expensive per panel, although the actual price for solar energy is calculated by the power that they produce, and not the size or efficiency of the panel. Therefore, a 4kW system for a residential system will cost exactly the same as a 4kW system for a commercial system. Because commercial panels are larger than residential ones, they are more efficient at producing electricity. Commercial panels have an efficiency of just under 20 percent, making them two percent more efficient than residential panels.

A non-stalling installation: In the case of both residential panels and commercial panels, they are installed using a bolted racking system, but as the roof of a commercial building is more more likely to be flat than the roof of a residence, a mounting system using non-penetrating ballast can be used, making installation easier. This makes a commercial Solar system installation easier than a residential one, although because many commercial installations can involve upwards of one hundred panels, as opposed to between eight and sixteen panels for a residential system, a full installation at a commercial premises can take longer than a week, or even as long as a month.

It’s worth noting that if you are a residential customer who has decided to install a solar panel system, there is nothing to stop you from installing commercial-standard solar panels, especially if you have plenty of roof space, and you are not too bothered about how your panels will look on your roof. These are just some of the slight but important differences between a commercial and residential solar energy system installation. There is one thing that both types of system will have in common though – they allow the owners of the system to save money by using the free energy supplied by the sun, and they will both help to prevent global warming from becoming any worse.

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What does a full service Solar System Provider do for you?


Solar panel installations had begun almost over 40 years ago, and many systems that had been used in the old times and now are decades old are still in operation today although they were built with far less sophistication than the today’s products. The solar panel system technologies offered in present today are eminently authentic and reliable. The panels now being used have been designed to produce about 85% of their inceptive power over the first 25 years. Having a solar energy system installed at your residence isn’t just a mere question of inculating a few panels to the roof. There is a lot more to consider, and dealing with all the predicaments if you want greener and cheaper energy that seem quite a little daunting. If you are wanting to save yourself from the hassles that come up when you want to install solar power at your residence, then you need to make sure that the company you select  to provide you with your system is a full-service solar provider. XsunX’s Residential Solar Solutions keep your cool packages come with a 25 year solar panel and inverter warranty. Adding to that, XsunX provides a warranty of at least 10 years on the materials and workmanship.

Many solar services providing companies show that they remain with you all the way from solar panel energy installation to beyond more. Once you have selected the company who would provide you with right services, they will arrive at your home, and discuss with you about the solar panel installation at your residence. They would draw up the blueprints of your residence, and in particular all of those areas of your home that will be affected by the installations of the solar panels. They will then design a custom installation for you, and further wait for your full approval. Xsunx is a full-service solar provider who are fully experienced with an installation team of certified employees. The team will project-manage the whole installation for you, and make sure you have are satisfied with their services. You can also ring back if you identify an issue that you feel needs attending to furthermore.

Going solar means taking advantage of all the three incentives – local, state and federal, that remain on offer to people who wish to encapsulate the greener methods of energy supply. Unfortunately, there are numerous on offers that it becomes difficult to find the right that are all available, and to work out for those that are the most serviceable and beneficial to go for. Xsunx will negotiate this potential minefield for you, and our team of experts will make sure you get the best deals that will make your decision easy to take. They will take your responsibility in their hands for your own energy needs. Once the installation gets complete, we won’t just shake hands with you and leave you with the panels and other devices installed. We would keep monitoring your residential solar panel system to keep a check on your solar power installation that its performance remains the way it had been expected. Our experts will keep informing you of its performance, and keep on advising you on what you can do to take care of the panels installed. It would be as simple as having the panels cleaned, or replacing any panels that have proven to be faulty.

Now, if you think about whether these installations would cost you over your financial budgets that remember that your solar company should be able to provide you with the finance for you, to cover the cost of the installation. The deals offered by your chosen supplier are usually much better than if you were to acquire your financial via a bank loan, for example. Although we, Xsunx, are not in business with Wall Street Bankers so we’ve selected lender options that would put you in the driver’s seat and not the Wall Street Bankers. Programs we offer through our lenders do not include costly dealer fees that can increase the cost of your system by as much as 15%, and remember that we won’t sell you a lease because when you lease a residential solar system you lose money! Yes, if you lease or enter into a PPA Wall Street typically increases the cost of your solar by about 2.99% or more per year, and a lease usually only provides about 20% in monthly savings. It’s a great deal for Wall Street. By installing the XsunX Keep Your Cool 25 package capable of eliminating about $225 per month in utility costs because lease payments go up every year by the end of about year seven your lease payment will actually be larger than a typical fixed solar loan payment. Typically, if you can qualify for a solar lease then one of the solar loan programs offered through our lender network is available to you. So don’t let Wall Street bankers put what should be your savings in their pockets.

Check how financing solar is a great way to invest in yourself:

  • Your investment generates a return in the form of valuable electricity
  • The value of that electricity increases over time making your solar system an appreciating asset
  • And, with our zero down, no hassle finance programs you own all of the savings and benefits without having to invest thousands upfront.

Our Programs Include: Low Interest Conventional Loans up to 15 years

  • No Money Down
  • You keep the Federal 30% tax credit
  • Fixed monthly payments – no surprises like you get with a lease
  • Terms from 2 to 15 years
  • No prepayment penalties

HERO Loans – Home Energy Renovation loans – HERO loans allow homeowners to make energy efficiency improvements through a tax assessment on the property.  The loans are fixed-rate, low-interest loans issued to qualifying homeowners who are current on their mortgages and property taxes. HERO loans are a great option offering benefits that include:

Not Based on Credit Score – Approvals for the HERO Program are primarily based on the equity in your home.

No Money Down – HERO finances 100% of your project cost, with fixed rates and flexible terms of 5-20 years.

Tax Benefits – You get to keep the Federal 30% tax credit, and the interest portions of your payments may be tax deductible.

Property Tax Assessment – HERO payments are made through a line item on your property tax bill so you make payments the same time you pay your property tax once or twice per year.

Transferability – If you sell, the remaining balance may be able to transfer to the new owner.

Installing a solar system may seem simple on the surface, but once you look deeper into it you’ll find that there’s more to it than you might have expected. If this turns out to be the case, then there’s no need to become disheartened – simply choose our services and our experts will take on virtually all of the hassle of installing a solar panel energy system for you.