Why You Should Start Using Solar Power ?

Why Use Solar Power?

All of us by now know that global warming is a very real facet of our lives. The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has confirmed that the average global temperatures have risen about 0.85 degrees Celsius since the Industrial Revolution. Although it does not sound like a lot, but even the smallest soar in average temperatures across the sphere causes consequential changes to our earth’s climate, such as rising water levels and devastating weather events. Let’s take a look into certain reasons why you should start using solar power now:

  1. Solar Power is free and clean – Solar energy system works by converting sunlight into power. As sunlight is free and solar energy systems work whenever the sun is in the sky even if a layer of cloud cover is present. Solar energy can be used to power all domestic devices, from a widescreen TV to electric toothbrush. It has virtually no impact on climate change unlike other energy sources that often results in unwanted and harmful emissions.
  2. Solar Power is infinitely renewable – As solar power takes energy from the sun, there’s hardly any chance that the sun will cease being a source of energy, for the next one billion years at least. Other typical forms of energy, such as coal, gas and oil, will one day run out and hence known as renewable power sources.
  3. Solar Power saves us and money – The power created by a solar energy system is converted into electricity. This electricity is further used to power devices at homes. As a result one will need to use a lot less energy from the utility companies, especially if one uses less gas-powered appliances within homes – particularly when heating and cooling, as nearly half the energy used in a typical US home is used in this manner – and use electric-powered ones instead.
  4. Tax Credit – In some states one can obtain tax credit for installing a renewable-energy system. One may can claim incentives from the utility company, as some companies buy any energy that one creates but does not use in one’s home.
  1. Worth more homes – The US Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that for every $100 that a house is able to save in annual utility bills, and additional $2.000 is added to the house’s value. Energy efficient homes after using solar power have now become more attractive, and as asperity measures continue, people are seeking energy-efficient homes in a bid to reduce their utility bills and their overall monthly spend.
  2. Cost-effective source of energy – Solar power is a proven cost-effective source of energy, and most of the larger and best performing utility-scale solar farms have achieved grid parity with established fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. Solar power depends on a free input in order to produce a supply of electricity, and operates with zero emissions. Despite economic and financial benefits of this power, it still has one key challenge to overcome of being able to provide energy on demand.
  1. Creation of diverse jobs – There are jobs for diverse types of talent in the solar power industry. Most jobs created are in the rooftop array installation. There is quite a fine demand for talent in areas such as sales, marketing, technical consulting, legal services, contract development, finance and manufacturing. The solar power industry is creating jobs 10 times faster than the general US economy, and this rate will only continue to accelerate as the solar power technology achieves rampant adoption. A nonprofit solar advocacy group states that there are now more jobs in solar panel installation than in the extraction of gas and oil or coal mining. Solar power has become an attractive investment when sunlight is available in generous amounts, since one can obtain more energy and savings capacity.

Article is posted by XsunX– Commercial & Residential Solar Solution Experts.


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